Eatonville football team

Students received technology to improve football team’s performance

Rainier Connect Donates Technology to Eatonville School District Football

If you watch the National Football League and the Seattle Seahawks, you likely have seen the players and coaches on the sidelines reviewing plays immediately after they occurred on a Microsoft Surface.  Thanks to a generous grant from Rainier Connect of $12,000, Eatonville High School now has the same ability as the professional teams.

The first team to utilize the newly purchased equipment purchased with the grant is the Eatonville High School Varsity Football team. According to EHS Varsity Football head coach, Gavin Kralik, “The technology allows our football program to correct improper technique instantly during a game.”

Kralik went on to say, “We believe it allows our coaches to make the game safer for our players.  Additionally, it provides a competitive advantage for our team because it allows us to make in game adjustments much sooner than our opponents.  We believe this fits with the vision and mission for our school district in that we are trying to utilize technology in an ever changing world to improve in the classroom and in the area of athletics.”

The Eatonville School District Board of Directors approved the donation and thanked Kralik, and Rainier Connect, for their donation at the October 25th school board meeting.  After a brief explanation of the equipment and its function, Kralik invited all Eatonville athletic programs to use the gear to improve student performance in whatever sport they play.

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