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76 trombones? Try 116!

Partnership with Music4Life puts instruments in the hands of students

Everett, WA – From belting out “Hot Cross Buns” in sixth-grade beginning band to playing complex concertos on mandolin in a high school, students throughout Everett Public Schools are benefitting from the district partnership with Music4Life. After less than a year, the nonprofit organization has helped put 116 instruments into the hands of students throughout the district to blow, strike and strum.

The Seattle-based nonprofit acquires instruments from adults who no longer need them, repairs them as needed, and provides them to participating public school districts for use by students in need. Music4Life operates programs supporting Edmonds, Everett, Highline, Mukilteo, Seattle and Shoreline school districts. Bremerton and Northshore school districts also recently added programs. Music4Life acquires used instruments from those who understand that their highest and best use is to put them back into play. They pay for instrument repairs with the help of donations to ensure that all instruments are ready to play when they deliver them to schools.

Instruments donated to the district so far have included the to-be-expected clarinets, trumpets and keyboards. Occasionally, the donations include more distinctive instruments, like oboes, bassoons and even a mandolin. “The variety of instruments increases the chance for students to get their first pick of which instrument they’d like to play,” shares Emily Cheever, music teacher at North Middle School. “That’s an important part of students enjoying and continuing their music education.”

Lesley Moffat, Jackson High School Director of Bands, Jazz, and Percussion, wrote to Music4Life in June. “I wish you could have been here to see this young girl’s face when I told her she will be able to be in band next year. There are no words to describe the look on her face as tears of joy ran down her cheek upon realizing what this meant for her. Your hearts would have been full of joy if you knew just how important this is to her. And the added bonus of what you are doing is that it doesn’t stop with her … this instrument will serve many students over the course of its lifetime. The extent of your generosity goes way beyond what you will ever know.”

Have an instrument to pass along to a new generation of Everett Public Schools musicians? Instruments can be dropped off at any Kennelly Keys location. Monetary donations are accepted on the Music4Life website with the option to designate one’s donation for Everett Public Schools’ music program.

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