The Our Kids, Our Future campaign was begun by a group of Washington education organizations. The goal is to highlight excellence in Washington State public schools.

The campaign was prompted by the recognition that excellence often gets lost in the clatter of politics and bleeding headlines. Every poll highlights the disconnect between how people feel about their schools, which they usually like a lot, and the education system, which they often believe is broken.

This site is one effort to show that excellence is pervasive across Washington: rural or urban, large or small, east or west.

The stories told on these pages demonstrate how innovative approaches can meet longstanding challenges and serve as models for continued improvement. Virtually all of these stories are provided by the districts.

The stories remind us that universal public education is something to believe in, and one of our nation’s greatest inventions. How we approach education and the improvement of education will define our future.

If you are interested in sharing stories that provide inspiration, celebrate achievement, deepen our knowledge or just feel proud to share with folks across the state, email us your text and any supporting images, if you have them.

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