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  • Debunking Myths in Public Education
    More than 20 districts around the state are featured in this video that highlights the fun, excitement and excellence in Washington’s K-12 schools. Footage provided by districts across the state, AWSP and WaSTEM (Delta High School segment).
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Four-Legged Assistant Helps Change Lives in Steilacoom School District

Posted on 06 Dec 2016
Canine Companions for Independence® Facility Dog Joins Steilacoom Historical School District Team Motivation and support come in many forms, including a cold nose and a warm heart. Steilacoom Historical School District welcomed its newest staff member Canine Companions for Independence Facility Dog Aura. Aura will assist handler Jim Seefeldt, District Physical Therapist, during his work with students. Since 1975, Canine Companions has bred, raised and expertly trained assistance dogs in over 40 commands designed to assist people with disabilities or to motivate and inspire students with specia